Whitefish Senator Stepping Down

By Beacon Staff

Dan Weinberg, a first-term state senator from Whitefish, announced Sunday that he will not seek re-election.

In an e-mail, Weinberg wrote that he simply wants to pursue other interests. “I believe we only get one shot at life,” the senator said. “Having lost two very close friends this year alone, I realize that other challenges, relationships and adventures must not be postponed.”

Weinberg was elected to Senate District 2 in 2004 by narrowly defeating Republican Donna Maddux. He also outspent Maddux $64,738 to $10,679. The state GOP was already expected to make a strong push to win back Weinberg’s seat and regardless of which candidates face off in 2008, the runoff will likely again be an expensive one.

In the 2007 Legislature, Democrats controlled the Senate by just a one-person majority. In his letter, Weinberg stressed how important each legislative seat is, asking voters to, “Please consider carefully the impact one person can make in the state legislature, and elect the person you feel will represent you best.”

Weinberg said during his term he worked to increase access to health care, championed human rights at every turn and supported education when it made fiscal sense.