Flathead Democrats Prefer Edwards

By Beacon Staff

In a straw poll at its annual holiday dinner this week the Flathead Democratic Party chose former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) as its presidential candidate of choice, according to a press release from the group.

“It was a tough choice for everyone because we have so many strong candidates,” Joan Vetter Ehrenberg, Flathead Democratic Party chair, said in a prepared statement. “Each one of them has the right ideas to get our country back on track.”

Clips were shown of all the presidential candidates before the vote. Edwards is running third nationwide, according to Real Clear Politics, which averages poll numbers. He’s running well behind Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

According to a November poll conducted in Montana by MSU-Billings, Obama has the highest favorable rating among Democrats at 47 percent. Edwards trailed him with a 36 percent favorable rating and Clinton at 31 percent favorable. Of those polled, Clinton got a negative rating from 59 percent of respondents, while Edwards had 35 percent negative and Obama 31 percent.

Montana’s Democratic primary is slated for June 3, 2008.