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By Beacon Staff

There are many ways to get the Beacon in C-Falls. You can pick one up at Mike’s, Super 1, Smith’s and a number of other locations. If you’re a little bit “geeky”, you might use Google Reader or another RSS reader to get your dose of news as it happens.

Now, there’s an even easier way to know about every new story from the Flathead Beacon, without lifting a finger.

You can get once-daily story summaries/notifications by email using the link on the left side of this page (the one that says “Get Columbia Falls news by email”).

You can choose to receive all notifications, or notifications about Beacon community news about other local towns by going to http://www.flatheadbeacon.com/main/page/news_feeds/.

You’ll go to a web page where you’ll need to enter your email address (no spam or marketing stuff will come your way) and then a confirmation email will come your way.

The confirmation email prevents others from signing you up for a emails that you don’t want. If you click on the confirm link when the email comes (it’ll come from a site called “Feedburner”), then you’ll start getting emails once a day with summaries of each new Beacon story and a link to click on so you can read the story.

Ok, you do have to lift a finger. You have to lift it in order to click your mouse. I’ve just got to watch those journalistic ethics…

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