Good Bye, 2007

By Beacon Staff

It’s that time of year again when newspapers everywhere are filled with reminders of what happened this year and we make promises to ourselves that we so often do not keep. I’m not quite sure what it is that causes us to respond this way to a changing calendar, but I imagine it’s part of the reason I couldn’t avoid this topic for today’s blog. It seems wrong to let the day pass without some mark of recognition. Thus, newspaper readers are treated as though they suffer memory loss and individuals insist on goal-setting that’s way beyond feasible.

I’ll save you my thoughts on forming New Years resolutions – reporter Myers Reece beat me to the punch by sharing his “aiming high, shooting low” methodology – except to say I’ve always found taking a bit of time to look back at my personal life more helpful than setting lofty goals.

It follows that while I poke fun at the “year-in-review” editions in newspapers, I actually really enjoy reading them. And, I’m interested to look back on what the most important events of 2007 were in the Flathead Valley. But, having lived in three Montana cities at different points this year, I don’t feel qualified to offer a review of any town’s “bests” or “worsts” of 2007.

But I’d like to hear what you think. What were the most important events of 2007 in the Flathead Valley? What decisions or moments will carry their effects into 2008 and beyond? Who were the most influential people in this area? Some I can even come up with – a new high school, fires, the search for 3-year-old Loic Rogers – but I’m sure there are many more that those of you who have spent all of 2007 here can clue me into.

Oh, and if you are determined to set – and actually accomplish – a New Year’s resolution, here’s something that may help: Three Yale economists have set up a program where you pay them $1,000 to keep you on track. If you backtrack on your resolution, they’ll start sending your money to the charity of your choice, $100 at a time. If you succeed, you get your money back. Their website isn’t quite up and running yet (perhaps a broken resolution of their own?), but how’s that for motivation?