Raucous Caucus Partying

By Beacon Staff

It is all happening so fast. As we step out of the fog that is the holiday season, an election is upon us, or upon some – mainly Iowans – who must stay sharp to decide whom they give a head start in the race for the throne of the free world. Just when you thought the partying was over, many must shake off hangovers. Those of us who love politics, exit polls and stump speeches will be hosting raucous caucus parties. And our eyes will be fixated on docile Midwest living rooms as we urge them to make the right decisions on our behalf.

I actually ripped off the name for my shindig from an actual party held in Des Moines, Iowa, dubbed the “Raucous Before the Caucus” party. It reportedly included hundreds of media elite and a spread of fried Twinkies. My party, in contrast, will include about four people and chips and dip – less raucous than most.

But as much as I complain about politics, the primary season and early caucuses in general, I nonetheless eagerly await this season. And the scene in Iowa this year, with a wide-open race for both parties, should provide even more excitement than in the past. Des Moines, in fact, is basking in the limelight as national pundits laud it as a city that “has most certainly become cool.”

No wonder every state has jockeyed to hold their respective primaries and caucuses as early as possible. Would the Hawkeye state ever have the undivided attention of the country (or be considered cool) if it didn’t lead off the presidential election season? How about New Hampshire? I doubt it. If I can’t participate in the process, however, I will grudgingly embrace it. After Thursday, I will begin planning my first annual Concord post-caucus blowout. It’s guaranteed to be another raucous affair.