At Wedding Expo, Shopping for Caterers and Cakemakers

By Beacon Staff

There’s a lot to be considered before popping the question: Will he or she say “yes?” When and where will it happen? How much will it cost? Will it last?

But, if you are lucky enough to have those aforementioned what-ifs answered, all that is left is the icing on the cake.

On Saturday, the Hilton Garden Inn hosted the sixth annual Wedding and Event Expo, and if you were there, chances are you were a woman and likely spoken for, with an elaborate vision of your approaching wedding day.

And those dreams are hardly farfetched, according to Eat Your Art owners Eric and Colby Wood, whose conceptual cake designs come however you can think of them. Thus, your finite cake selection no longer comes in just three colors.

“The cake is only limited to the person’s imagination,” Eric says of the specialized creations that can take upwards of 15 hours to make. “We’ve done everything from a T-rex to a wedding dress cake and we’ll do anything else. That’s the fun of it.”

Their booth also included a four-tier, topsy-turvy styled cake that will eventually rotate 360 degrees, giving it a one-of-a-kind effect.

“We tell the bride the day is theirs and that it should reflect who they are,” Eric says. “Conceptualize it, create it and eat it. Why settle? Go for something that says, ‘This is who I am!’”

One of Saturday’s vendors, John Knight of Somers, is getting married in September and after he popped the question there was a momentary snag. You see, Knight is the owner/pitmaster of Knight’s BBQ and the thought of hiring another caterer was, well, nearly a deal breaker.

“After she said that she wouldn’t eat another man’s meat, I said ‘God bless her, she must be the one,’” Knight says.

And like a healthy marriage, Knight says his low and slow style of cooking just gets better with time.