On The Agenda: Public Comment on Bucky, Whitefish Picks a Councilor

By Beacon Staff

Kalispell City Council will hold a public comment session on the proposed Glacier Town Center commercial and residential development. The 485-acre commercial and residential development would go up between U.S. 93 North and Whitefish Stage Road, bordered by West Reserve Drive to the south. Its 191-acre first phase consists of a “lifestyle center,” essentially an outdoor shopping mall located off of U.S. 93.

The development’s primary hurdle consists of the need to install two new stoplights on U.S. 93, north of West Reserve, which conflicts with the city’s draft transportation plan.

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Kalispell City Council will consider several other items including:

–Requests by Lonnie and Kim Buchholtz to annex a half-acre on the west side of 7th Avenue West, and annexation and zoning on property between 11th Street West and Sunnyside Drive
–Annexation, initial zoning and preliminary platting of Bay Ridge Development on 19 acres on the north side of Three Mile Drive. The developer is requesting preliminary plat approval for a 40-lot subdivision with lots ranging in size from 7,000 to 30,0000 square feet.
–Jeff and Karen Thiesen are requesting a zone change from R-4, Two-family residential to B-1, Neighborhood Buffer district, on two properties located along the western side of North Meridian Road near the intersection of Three Mile Drive.
–City staff is requesting $152,320 in a change order to install additional pipeline as part of the Upper Zone Water Supply and Storage project.

Tonight the Whitefish City Council will swear in Mike Jenson as mayor, John Muhlfeld and Ryan Friel as councilors and then choose between Martin McGrew and Turner Askew to fill the third and final council seat.

McGrew and Askew tied in a November recount.

The council will also elect a deputy mayor at tonight’s 7:10 p.m. meeting.

Also to be discussed at the meeting:

–Mayor Mike Jenson will raise discussion on planning jurisdiction issues
–City’s position on the U.S. 93 Whitefish West Project
–Letter from Stoltze Lumber Co. President Ron Buentemeier
–Recommendation to award a consultant contract for the Downtown Infrastructure Improvements Project
–Recommendation to proceed with consultant selection for design and project management for a new Emergency Services Center
–Update on the Wisconsin Avenue Pedestrian and Bicycle Path Project
–Request for a conditional use permit to allow a building in excess of 4,000 square feet in a WB-1 business zone at 011 Wisconsin Avenue – Bergig, Inc.
–Zone change from WA Agricultural to WCR Country Residential for a 9.77-acre parcel located on East Lakeshore Drive