Police Blotter: Pants-Free Man, Sword Damage

By Beacon Staff

The Kalispell Police and Flathead County Sheriff’s reports for Wednesday included the following:

6:40 a.m. A Kalispell resident called in to complain that his neighbor keeps shoveling snow into their driveway so they can’t get out. A deputy told the disruptive neighbor to quit being a jerk.

10:11 a.m. A woman locked her husband out of the house after he hit her. They were advised to separate for the day.

4:14 p.m. A woman called in from Hungry Horse because she thinks an unknown person beat her up while she was sleeping.

4:33 p.m. A man was seen standing on the Swan River Trail in Bigfork with his pants off. This isn’t the first time he has been seen running around sans pants.

4:56 p.m. A man called in from Trumble Canyon Road because he doesn’t want his wife to take their furniture.

5:24 p.m. Someone in Evergreen called in because they thought they saw someone break into a house. No one really broke into the house.

7:10 p.m. A 17-year-old kid pointed a gun at his mom.

8:03 p.m. Someone called from Dairy Queen in Kalispell to say that there was a car with flashing lights that looked a lot like a cop car in the parking lot.

8:08 p.m. A man kicked a woman because she wouldn’t give him the keys to his house. Then they started pushing each other. They were separated for the evening. The woman ended up leaving with the keys.

8:25 p.m. Two kids were seen standing in front of Little Caesar’s in Kalispell with their pants around their ankles.

1:34 a.m. A 17-year-old kid broke a window in Ferndale with his sword. He then ran off towards Lake County.

The departments responded to 145 calls for service.