Canyon Creek Moose Charges Skiers

By Beacon Staff

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks employees headed back to the Canyon Creek Recreation Area Friday morning following another report from skiers of an aggressive cow moose encounter. FWP received a similar report of a moose approaching or charging downhill skiers on Jan. 9. In late December the same moose apparently attacked a pair of snowmobiles in the same area.

Flathead National Forest officials recommend that people steer clear of the drainage; particularly the Fiberglass Hill area of the Canyon Creek snowmobile trail and the skier route accessing Flower Point and Canyon Chutes.

The moose may have eye abnormalities, according to FWP, a possible explanation for its behavior. Others have reported that the cow moose is traveling with a calf. Initial attempts to locate the moose failed, and FWP will continue to monitor the situation.

The two recent reports followed accounts of the moose in a standoff with a trail groomer and charging two separate snowmobile parties (putting its hoof through on sled) on Dec, 29. The FWP warden and a conflict specialist conducted several patrols around the Fiberglass Hill area, where the encounters occurred. They found moose and tracks, but didn’t encounter any aggressive animals.

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