Faces: Brie Webber

By Beacon Staff

Brie Webber loves structure.

At school, from her locker to her binders, everything has its place – creating a kind of functional, aesthetic beauty in organization, just like ballet.

Webber began dancing at age 3 and has been with Northwest Ballet School and Company ever since.

“I guess I just grew to love it,” she said. “You can be so free. It’s all your own.”

Although Webber finds her “type-A” personality is represented best by ballet, “At the same time, it’s not the only part of my life,” she adds.

Webber said she loves the rhythm of tap dancing, which she began learning two years ago, and the freeing movement of modern dance, which she took up earlier this year.

Maintaining her 4.0 GPA, and squeezing in hours of dance lessons and rehearsals each week, is a challenge. And it demonstrates her dedication.

“I have a pretty busy week,” she said. “It goes back to structure. I like that. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

She has performed for 10 years in the Nutcracker, pointing to her role as Snow Queen in 2006 as her most memorable.

“It was my first time partnering,” said Webber. “I was pretty nervous. It was definitely my favorite roll.”

Next year, Webber will attend Montana State University in Bozeman. Although the school doesn’t have a dance program, she said, “I can’t have life without dance so I’ll find a way to do it.”