Police Blotter

Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Police Blotter: Trailer Fire, Stolen American Flag

By Christie Burns

The Kalispell Police and Flathead County Sheriff’s reports for Tuesday included the following:

12:29 a.m. A fire alarm errantly went off at Famous Dave’s.

12:41 a.m. A burglar alarm was triggered at Burger King for no apparent reason.

7:36 a.m. Someone called in from Dale Drive because they heard a dog bark.

9:08 a.m. A camper by the Deer Lick in Martin City caught on fire. However, no one was hurt and it was put out in short order.

9:14 a.m. There was a cluster of assorted stray cats in Kalispell.

10:25 a.m. An employee from a Kalispell hotel called in to say one of their guests was doing peculiar things.

12:16 p.m. An annoyed Kalispell resident called in to complain about mischievous car lot employees who keep pushing snow into his yard.

2:27 p.m. Someone took the flags down at the Flathead Electric Cooperative. They then took the American flag and stuffed it in a nearby neighbor’s mailbox.

2:13 p.m. A thief stole log siding from a victim’s garage.

2:42 p.m. A woman called in to say that she told her daughter’s boyfriend to stay off her property – but he didn’t listen.

4:48 p.m. A woman called in to report that every time she picks up the phone from a certain 1-800 number her credit card gets charged $79.00 by a scamming company in Spain.

8:32 p.m. A Canadian came down here and pushed his friend’s girlfriend down. He is in jail now.

The departments responded to 136 calls for service.