News Buffet: F.S. Motorized Travel Plan, Butte Golfball Dispute, $20,000 Coffee

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy Global Belly Laugh Day.

The freeze continues in the Flathead, but the news is moving. The open house at the Hungry Horse ranger station today will introduce possible changes to motorized travel in the Hungry Horse and Glacier View districts. Myers Reece checks in with Bigfork’s hardy retailers, soldiering through the slow season. Columnist Dave Skinner dissects the pros and cons of conservation easements with a skeptical eye. And Jack Hanna honors organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Federal mine inspectors released a report Wednesday faulting the Revett Mineral Co. in a July 2007 accident resulting in the death of a Libby miner. The son of a Bonner couple died in Kirkuk, Iraq when a vehicle rolled over during a convoy operation. Gov. Brian Schweitzer brought environmentalists and members of the coal-bed methane industry together in his office yesterday to see how the two managed to work together to reach common ground on energy development in Alberta. Both sides called the meeting constructive, but conceded it could take a while to learn how to play nice. And in Butte, a developer is suing the country club because his property keeps getting pelted by golf balls.

And finally, for the coffee fanatics, a $20,000 maker of “siphoned” coffee, imported from Japan. Until I get a few more bucks, I’m gonna have to stick with drip. Have a great day.