Police Blotter

Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Police Blotter: Stolen Cash Jar, Fence-Eating Horses

By Christie Burns

The Kalispell Police and Flathead County Sheriff’s reports for Monday included the following:

5:56 a.m. Columbia Falls residents called in to report that after they had arrived home from a funeral they found that someone had broken into their home and stolen a large jar of change worth $3,000, another $100, a ring and some medication.

9:59 a.m. A woman called in because a woman who had spent the night had gone through her things and swiped some jewelry while she was hard at work.

10:28 a.m. Someone from Martin City called in because they could not control their destructive 13-year-old son. Deputies arrived and settled the boy down.

12:44 p.m. Kalispell residents called in because they were worried about a dog that they thought was trying to find shelter under a garage. They called back to say that the dog was just trying to get through a dog door in the garage.

1:06 p.m. Someone in Kila called in because they saw three horses eating a fence.

1:47 p.m. Someone stole a pair of headphones from a Kalispell bar

5:08 p.m. Someone called in from Evergreen to report that a man in a black hooded sweatshirt was walking in the middle of the road.

11:58 p.m. Someone called in from a bar in Somers to report that a man was lying outside in the snow. The man had been drinking and fell down.

1:05 a.m. A house near Bailey Lake off the North Fork Road was burning. The lone resident did not need medical attention and was assisted by Red Cross.

The departments responded to 142 calls for service.