Faces: Chase Grilley

By Beacon Staff

Growing up in Columbia Falls, Chase Grilley was never far from a basketball hoop.

Whether playing “horse” or “pig” with his father in the backyard or one-on-one with his cousins at their nearby home, Chase was constantly on a court.

“They never took it easy on me when we played,” said the senior, still breathing heavily after a rigorous practice. “They all love it. So do I.”

Columbia Falls basketball has always been a big part of Grilley’s life. His father, three uncles and two cousins all played for the Wildcats.

“My favorite times were going to games here,” he said. “We came to just about every home game and I would actually pay attention. If one guy was a good shooter, I would try some of his moves.”

Leading the team in scoring, rebounds and assists, Grilley will be key to whether his team makes it to state this year.

“People get excited over passes as much as scoring,” Grilley said. “The team is going to help you win, not just you. You don’t have to be the hero that makes the winning shot all the time.”

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