News Buffet: Pescado Blanco Cantina, Tester Hammers Forest Service, Bluetooth Burka

By Beacon Staff

Good morning; today is Remember the Maine Day – the anniversary of the U.S.S. Maine’s sinking in Cuba’s Havana harbor in 1898, an incident which eventually led to the Spanish-American War.

On the Beacon this morning, a Hungry Horse man is dead after accidentally shooting himself in the face while carrying several loaded weapons. As part of our Love Issue, Myers Reece profiles Mark and Christy Harkins, coaches at Glacier High and married for 15 years. In Whitefish, Pescado Blanco is adding a cantina after winning a cabaret license in the state lottery. And the chair of the Montana GOP touts the party’s Feb. 5 presidential caucus.

It’s a slow news day statewide, but sparks were flying in Washington D.C. as Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., lambasted U.S. Forest Service officials for deep proposed cuts in funding for wildfire preparation and suppression. On the same day, U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., hammered House Democrats for failing to pass a controversial surveillance and intelligence bill. A new study finds that a jack rabbit common throughout much of the West has disappeared from the Yellowstone area, though it’s unclear why.

And finally, fashion and technology designers offer up a burka with bluetooth, that projects an image of what the woman underneath the burka looks like – while not transgressing any strict Islamic laws. It’s one of the oddest and most ingenious mergers of strict religion and new technology I’ve ever seen. Have a great weekend.