Wednesday Buffet: Meet the Supers, Baucus Re-election Bid, Steve Urkel in Lincoln

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy Hoodie-Hoo day. No, it has nothing to do with Outkast, it’s a day to go outside at noon and shout “Hootie-Hoo!” in order to hasten the end of winter.

It’s a crisp, sunny day in the Flathead; the news is bumping and the new Beacons are on the stands. Our top story this morning comes from a bleary-eyed Myers Reece, who reports that Whitefish City Council last night passed the controversial and contentious critical areas ordinance. Our top story in the print edition details Montana’s seven superdelegates, and the crucial role they may play in determining the Democratic presidential nominee. The Flathead Valley Montessori Academy has bounced back from financial difficulties and is not thriving north of Somers. And at the state divisional basketball championship tournaments in Kalispell this weekend, a brother-sister team from Libby look unstoppable.

Sen. Max Baucus has announced he will run for a sixth term yesterday, touting his experience and saying he still has more work to do. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has named a new regional director for eight western states, including Montana. The Missoulian has an enterprising story that locates Cubans living in Montana and gets their opinions about the announcement that Fidel Castro would step down as leader. And more bison were captured at Yellowstone yesterday to be sent to slaughter.

And finally, Lincoln is being overrun with B-list celebrities in town to film a new version of the Jack London story, “Call of the Wild.” While Christopher Lloyd, of “Back to the Future” fame is likely creating the most buzz, apparently Jaleel White, who played legendary nerd Steve Urkel on the sitcom “Family Matters” has been sighted in town as well. I don’t remember a character like that in “Call of the Wild,” but maybe the director is taking some creative liberties. Have a great day.