Faces: Ariel Berg

By Beacon Staff

When Ariel Berg takes the reigns of a horse, it’s a lot like music.

“Both take a lot of dignity to perform,” said the sophomore French horn player in Glacier High School’s concert band.

“It takes grace to present yourself in a certain way and to feel the horse,” Berg said, relating her competition horse riding to the music she plays. “You have to feel the music, be the music and make the music into something your own.”

Berg said it’s been a struggle to balance practicing her music with speech and debate and horse riding. “But everything gets in the way of something else, so I had to adjust.”

Originally a trumpet player, Berg made the switch to French horn in the seventh grade.

“It’s really hard to play,” she said. If the tightly curled tubing of a French horn were uncurled it would be about 15-feet long, making it, “…one of the instruments with the most material so it’s hard to get the notes exactly how you want them to sound.”

This past October, Berg was accepted as a member of the All State band.

“Knowing I was one of the best musicians in the state was an incredible feeling,” said Berg. “It’s easy to feel good because I’m doing something that I love.”