Weekend Buffet: Marina Opposition, Identity Theft, Bush and McCain’s Hot Dogs

By Beacon Staff

Good morning; today is the anniversary of the Monopoly game. Although, I must admit, I’m not exactly sure what aspect of the game’s creation is being celebrated: the patent or the invention?

In our top story on the Beacon, a proposed marina on the Flathead River south of Creston drew heated opposition at a public meeting last night. A new report shows Montana suffers from one of the fastest-rising identity theft rates in the nation. Mountain Meadow Herbs, based in Evergreen, is profiting from the growing interest in natural remedies to health issues. A national crime-solving group is taking up the unsolved case of Jennifer Servo, a Columbia Falls woman murdered in Texas in 2002.

An Evergreen man is in jail in connection with Wednesday’s fatal shooting of an 18-month-old girl. The Heron incest case continues in Thompson Falls, with each day’s testimony more disturbing than the last. Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s budget director told the Board of Regents yesterday that Montana’s universities need to figure out how to curb their energy consumption and that the next legislative session was likely to include some budgetary “belt-tightening.” A biologist admitted to having egg on his face after he retracted his assertion that the white-tailed hare had disappeared from around the Yellowstone area. U.S. House Democrats introduced a bill yesterday to revamp how the federal government pays for forest fire-fighting – the proposal would unburden the U.S. Forest Service and set up a permanent fund.

And finally, when President Bush invited the new GOP nominee John McCain to the White House to give his endorsement, the two didn’t exactly enjoy a gourmet meal. Have a great weekend!