Tuesday Buffet: Wake Restriction Changes, Global Warming Argument, Creepy Gnome

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy Johnny Appleseed Day.

On the Beacon this morning, the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks is considering changing the wake restrictions on Swan and Echo Lake. Reporter and baker Keriann Lynch admits she is not the world’s greatest chef. And on the Police Blotter, a LOT of fighting.

State lawmakers argued over global warming yesterday, trying to figure out whether to implement dozens of suggestions by the governor’s Climate Change Advisory Committee. Republicans balked at many of the measures. In the first two months of this year, Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer has more than doubled the fund raising that Republican challenger Roy Brown has collected so far. And Schweitzer met with four United Nations ambassadors yesterday to talk about cleaner ways of energy development. Federal officials yesterday also ruled against giving wolverines endangered species protection.

And finally, a small town in northern Argentina is being terrorized by a tiny, sideways-walking gnome in a pointy hat. Check out the video! And have a good one on this rainy Tuesday – it’s a good day to be at work.