What’s Wrong With Being Average?

By Beacon Staff

Another ranking landed in my inbox this morning. CityTownInfo.com reported that Kalispell, compared to places of similar size, ranks in the top 6 percent for short commutes to and from work. At some point, every city is touted for something or other – whether bestowed by the Census or a subjective fitness magazine – and local media is pressed to pass on the good news. Yet the general public seems equally concerned about what’s average.

In an unorthodox approach to rankings, Yahoo! compiled an “average” list, assembling the top terms coupled with the word. “Because in Search (engines)” Mike Krumboltz wrote, “the word ‘average’ is anything but.” The findings were at once predictable, “Average American Salary,” and unusual, “Average Tattoo Prices.”

The title asked: “What’s Wrong With Being Average?” And I agree – nothing at all. I’m as happy as the next that Kalispell lends itself to short commutes and is a great place to retire. But I don’t live here for either reason. Its surrounding beauty is unique, but I don’t need an outdoor magazine to tell me as much.

CityTownInfo.com did point out some tidbits that I didn’t know, such as the high number of well-paid single women in town compared to the rest of the state and the high rent compared to the same.

There are a plethora of ways to prove we are better than the next town and ample reason to give ourselves the redundant pat on the back. Still, the underlying truth is that we have more in common than not. And that wouldn’t make for a very good list.

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