Weekend Buffet: Avalanche Control, Wolf Lawsuit and Blind Bowler

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy Lost Sock Memorial Day.

It’s snowing again in downtown Kalispell, though the guy on the radio this morning swore we’d see sunshine this afternoon. I hope he’s not just toying with us. On the Beacon today, Dan Testa writes about a conservation group that’s filed a request for documents relating to an upcoming Glacier National Park decision regarding avalanche control on the railroad tracks skirting the park’s southern border. The group is concerned a railroad company influenced the decision after public comment. And, in the police blotter a man got a little impatient when his female friend dallied too long in Wal-Mart.

A former University of Montana football player pleaded guilty Thursday to two charges related to a violent home invasion that involved three other Grizzly players. A federal judge in Montana has rejected a request by the government to delay a lawsuit seeking to place the gray wolf back on the endangered-species list. The House on Thursday passed a massive homeowner rescue plan to provide cheaper, government-backed mortgages to half-a-million debt-ridden borrowers and bolster an economy crippled by the housing crisis, but President Bush has threatened a veto.

And finally, in Des Moines, Iowa, a 78-year-old blind man scored a perfect 300 game at the Century Lanes bowling alley. “I can’t see the lane or the pins and have a heck of a time finding my ball sometimes,” Dale Davis told The Times.

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