Kalispell Mayor Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

By Beacon Staff

Kalispell Mayor Pam Kennedy announced Thursday her endorsement of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Kennedy, who introduced former Pres. Bill Clinton at a rally for his wife Tuesday, said in a prepared statement, “Hillary Clinton has been standing up for women and families throughout her long career in public service. She is the candidate who best understands the issues facing Montana families.”

As Montana’s Democratic primary looms both Clinton and Barack Obama have been touting endorsements from the state’s party brass. Obama, however, has been endorsed by three of the state’s eight all-important superdelegates, with the five others undeclared.

Both Obama and Clinton have been funneling resources and surrogates to the state in the run-up to the primary here on June 3, when Montanans vote dead last along with South Dakota. While Hillary Clinton remains the heavy underdog in the race she has vowed to continue campaigning in the four remaining states and Puerto Rico.

In response to Kennedy’s endorsement, Clinton, in a prepared statement, said, “From delivering health care to all Montanans to boosting the economy, I look forward to working with Mayor Kennedy on the pressing issues facing Flathead Valley residents when I’m president.”