Complete July Fourth Guide

By Beacon Staff

Every Fourth of July, Americans celebrate the day we claimed independence from Great Britain. We fly flags outside our homes and wear the red, white and blue on our shirts. We make speeches praising our nation’s heritage, laws, history and people.

But, for many of us, I think the holiday conjures up images of more than just patriotic displays. It’s the unofficial kickoff for our state’s hottest months – a day for family and friends, barbequing and outdoor activity. There are baseball games, rodeos and parades to entertain and fireworks to make moms nervous and scare the family dog.

It’s a day, I think, to celebrate all we have: Yes, the broader themes of democracy and freedom, but also the companionship of our closest friends and the taste of grandma’s apple crisp.

This guide attempts to capture a little bit of all of that. There are stories with touches of patriotism and nostalgia, an event guide for a fun-filled holiday and even recipes to add to your usual holiday feast. We at the Beacon hope, in some way, it will add to your celebration and we wish you a happy and safe holiday.
– Keriann Lynch

Fourth of July features:
A Four-Course Fourth
Ideal Fourth for Every Taste
Museum Americana
The Homefront

For a full listing of weekend events go to www.flatheadevents.net.