Farming in Columbia Falls

By Beacon Staff

Thursday’s weekly Farmers Market in Columbia Falls was a packed house yesterday evening.

It was hot, but the Cowgirl Coffee iced drinks and a little shade here and there kept everyone cool. Meanwhile, everything from earrings to earthenware, pizza to plants, and tie dye to turquoise was available to shoppers. Lots of folks came out to browse, meet and talk to friends, or just to listen to Brad Lee’s dynamite guitar and singing.

First Best Place Task Force’s Barry Conger once again hugging the ladies as I point the camera at him.

To some, the Farmers Market simply provides an opportunity to share the cheese that goes crunch with a buddy.

You can check out in the Columbia Falls Farmers’ Market every Thursday through the summer, right across the corner from the firehouse from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.