Art Studio Looks to Expand Outdoors

By Beacon Staff

Stumptown Art Studio is eyeing its own backyard. “In the summertime, it’s so nice to go outside to work on art,” said Aida Hebbard, public relations manager for Stumptown Art Studio and Ceramics Annex (SASCA).

The studio, which owns space between its building on Central Avenue and the alley, has used the area for storage and parking. But now the nonprofit art center would like to spruce it up for an outdoor classroom. “It means we could take art that should be done outside–like sawdust firing and gluing–out in the fresh air,” explained Hebbard. “It will also enable us to do things concurrently—one class downstairs and one class outside.”

Plans include a fence to enclose a classroom, sculpture garden, and outdoor exhibit space in addition to room for storage and handicap parking. A path decorated with ceramic tiles set in stepping stones would lead to the back door.

Part of the fund-raising includes sponsoring a tile for the path stones. For $10, you can decorate a 2.5-inch square ceramic tile. The studio plans to hold an evening event to build the 10-inch concrete stepping stones with the tiles, recycled glass, pottery, and shells.

Hebbard also envisions the sculpture garden evolving over time with big metal or wood works that can withstand the weather. But the studio’s moose will claim center stage after it has been repainted.

Along with the fence, a much-needed storage shed is being constructed, with wood donated by Thompson River Lumber. The classroom space will use two rehabilitated outdoor tables from the old Paddle and Axe restaurant.

“We think it’s a really an asset to have outdoor space and spruce up the alley,” said Hebbard.