Thursday Buffet: Economic Woes, Grizzlies’ ‘Sheep-Killing Spree,’ Toilet Auction

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy birthday David Hasselhoff. Here’s a priceless video of him eating a hamburger.

In local news, employees recently laid off at the Columbia Falls Aluminum Company will face a slowing job market. A bright spot in the local economy, however, is Sonju Industrial Inc., which recently signed a contract with the Department of Defense. Reporter Dan Testa writes that Obama was smart to pass on advertising with NASCAR – too many possible metaphors. And more Canadian crude will be flowing our way.

In state news, Missoula is considering a fuel tax to pay for roadwork, which seems like bad timing. Near Choteau, grizzlies have killed 71 lambs and trappers are afoot. And in Bozeman, a game went horribly wrong when man shot his friend in the chest.

And finally, Seattle is giving up on its self-cleaning toilets that only attracted drug users and prostitutes. Five of them are being sold on eBay. Starting bid: $89,000