Vandalism hits Columbia Falls again

By Beacon Staff

Graffiti scars the warehouse door and wall of Adam Bigelow’s business, Biggy’s Landscaping.

While it’s not likely the source of this vandalism is the same that struck Cedar Pointe, the signs that some big city ugliness has crept into Columbia Falls have increased over the summer.

At the very least, it’s annoying. When a successful business owner uses a rail-side piece of property to employ people and bring other people’s money back to Columbia Falls, graffiti isn’t the kind of thanks one hopes to get.

However, Adam seemed to be taking it in stride when I stopped by this morning, glad it wasn’t worse and assuming it was just a few bored teenagers. We did find it an interesting mix of comments, from the profane to “World Peace” and “Ron Paul 08”.

Not the sort of combination of things one typically finds together.

Regardless of the source or the reason, let’s hope that’s the end of this kind of thing in Columbia Falls.

Biggy’s Landscaping is located outside the City of Columbia Falls, so any information about this crime should be reported to the Flathead County Sheriff.