Weekend Buffet: Brucellosis, UM Turf Touchup, Unwitting Gardener

By Beacon Staff

Good morning. Today is the birthday of Louise Joy Brown, the first baby conceived by in vitro fertilization. She was born in Oldham, England in 1978.

On the Beacon this morning, high gas prices are slowing some of the good times on Flathead Lake. Three members of the Rocky Mountain Street Machines, a local car enthusiast club, are getting ready to compete on the national television show “Pinks: All Out.” First, though, the trio, and the about 100 other members of the club, will be showing off their cars at this weekend’s Heritage Days events in Columbia Falls. And reporter Myers Reece is back from vacation (Thank goodness!), a few shades darker and a little more relaxed.

At a cost of $321,000, the University of Montana is installing a new, more durable turf in its football stadium. Montana livestock officials announced Thursday that a Paradise Valley cow that tested positive for brucellosis this spring most likely got the disease from elk, not bison. More than 1,200 people attended a memorial service for four teens yesterday in Denton.

And a 73-year-old Dutch man was astonished to learn from police that the begonias he had lovingly tended on his doorstep concealed a secret marijuana plantation. The man promised to destroy the marijuana plants, which he believes were planted by local youngsters, while preserving his begonias. I can only imagine how angry my grandma would be if this happened in her garden.

Happy Friday! Events in the Flathead are in full swing this weekend and it looks like there will be plenty of sunshine.

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