Thursday Buffet: Fire Chief Retires, Cascade Fire Grows and Hell’s Angels Drink Kool-Aide

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy birthday to my brother Nate, who turns 32, which, he pointed out, means I turn 30 next year. No!

More Boomers are joining Gen X’ers in getting ink done. Kalispell Fire Chief Randy Brodehl has retired and a nationwide search for his replacement has begun. PACs have drawn the usual suspects into the election process. A UM student went missing after jumping into the Kootenai River near Troy. Democrats are universally sad about the plight of Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, who apparently failed to report thousands of dollars in gifts.

In state news, the Cascade Fire grew 2,000 acres. And, in Missoula, locals celebrated as gas dropped to $3.99 a gallon, which is a screaming deal. Also in Missoula, the Hell’s Angels have roared into town, scaring everyone except two young boys who welcome them with Kool-Aide.

Friday’s tomorrow!