Places: Whitefish Pedestrian and Bike Path

By Beacon Staff

Construction of a new section of the Pedestrian and Bike Path is nearing completion and, although the pavement has just dried, it is already increasing in popularity.

The new trail extends for two miles along Wisconsin Avenue from Edgewood Place to Alpine Court, providing a safe place for evening walks, morning jogs and leisurely bike rides.

With a view of Big Mountain to the north, the path connects Big Mountain Road to downtown Whitefish – creating an easy access for commuters and more advanced riders who like to tackle the incline toward Whitefish Mountain Resort.

At times the path dips away from the road and weaves through the trees, providing a moment of solitude on the busy thoroughfare. It is also conveniently lined with lampposts. There is a bit of hill north of Alpine Market, but the majority of the path is flat.

There is still some work being done, with the installation of pedestrian and bike signs and landscaping. Even without the finishing touches, the new path is an excellent source for recreation and alternative transportation.

How to get there: From downtown Whitefish, take Baker Avenue over the viaduct. Continue through the light at Edgewood Place. The path stretches to the west of Wisconsin Avenue for a while before crossing to the east side.