Cats Rumble Over Browning, 42-0

By Beacon Staff

Some days you’re lucky and some days you’re good. Last night at the CFHS football field, the Wildcats were both, as they ran over the Browning Indians 42-0.

The star of the show was Stephen Baumgartner (20), who was often closer to the photographer than to the defenders pursuing him. Baumgartner ran for four touchdowns (8, 30, 40 and 71 yards), including a return of a blocked punt.

The Cat defense also played as if it was prime time, keeping the Indians well out of scoring range for the entire game. The Indians threatened to get into scoring range once, and quickly found themselves going backwards thanks to miscues and a pesky Cat defense.

Above, Mackey Nolan (4) digs in as an Indian defensive back tries to bring him down just short of the goal line.

Below, Nolan’s extra effort on that run got him over the goal line, seen at lower right.

Mike Macijunas (64) blocks a Browning punt, which was scooped up and returned by Baumgartner for a TD.


Young football players and fans having fun in the end zone stands.