Couple Charged After Pit Bull Attacked Neighbor

By Beacon Staff

Charges have been filed against the Kalispell owners of a pit bull that allegedly mauled a neighbor and then charged police, who shot the dog.

David and Summer German are each charged with one count of negligent endangerment and two counts of having a dog at large. They are scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Sept. 19.

Police say officers responded on Aug. 29 to a report that a 64-year-old woman had been attacked by a dog. The woman told investigators she was shooing the couple’s pit bull puppy back into their yard when the older dog jumped a fence and attacked her.

The woman was bitten on the chin and head and a large portion of her ear was detached. The dog charged responding officers, who shot it.

Summer German says the dog had never been aggressive before and suggested the woman did something to antagonize the dog.