Monday Buffet: Music School Expands, Governor Debate, Hallucinogenic Chocolates

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy Independence Day to our Central American readers.

On the Beacon this morning, the North Valley Music School is opening satellite learning centers throughout the Flathead. The new Lone Pine State Park Visitor Center intends to teach the public about living in the Wildland Urban Interface. Kitchen Guy Jim Gray proclaims his love for the onion and offers a great recipe for an onion tart. And Editor Kellyn Brown argues that if John McCain loses in Montana, he can’t blame Ron Paul.

In state news, tune into Montana Public Radio or TV tonight for the gubernatorial debate between Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Republican Roy Brown and Libertarian Stan Jones in Missoula. A lawyer in attendance at the conference where Schweitzer made controversial remarks about election results vouched for the governor that he was joking. Chuck Johnson wants to know why Schweitzer would joke about the integrity of Montana’s elections before a national conference in the first place. Brown didn’t comment on the controversy during his announcement about a plan to offer signing bonuses to teachers in rural areas. A gravel road between Ekalaka and Alzada in southeastern Montana was among the projects for which a lobbyist tied to Jack Abramoff was federally indicted for procuring funds improperly. Missoula County has posted more information on its Web site regarding the location and details of road easement agreements with the Plum Creek Timber Co. And in Browning over the weekend, 100 people participated in a memorial walk to honor a toddler whose body was found in the trunk of his mother’s car.

Finally, a Berlin chocolate shop owner was arrested after authorities discovered he laced his candies with marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms. No wonder his store was so popular. Have a great day.