Faces: Carly Lengstorf

By Beacon Staff

Growing up, Carly Lengstorf was always playing against the boys. Backyard barbecues produced flag football games and afternoons gave way to playing catch with her two older brothers, Jason and Kyle Lengstorf, and another “billion boy cousins.”

“Everything in my childhood was a competition,” said Lengstorf, a senior on Whitefish High School’s varsity soccer team. “Impress my brothers, that’s the story of my life.”

Her family has a lot to be impressed with. Last year, the four-year varsity player not only qualified for state but also was one of the top-10 scorers in Montana.

“From the get-go I was definitely goal hungry,” she said. “The difference between how I play this year and two years ago is immense.”

Playing varsity as a freshman didn’t intimidate Lengstorf. It was a time to set her standards and she has progressed each year.

“It (freshman year) was kind of like being reborn,” said Lengstorf. “There is so much more to soccer than I knew. That was refreshing in a way. It will never grow old.”

Now Lengstorf is trying to incorporate increasingly more complicated techniques into her game.

Lengstorf said she wants to play soccer in college. Her first pick is Hamline University in Saint Paul, Minn., where the assistant coach is from Columbia Falls.