Tuesday Buffet: Rehberg’s ‘No’ Vote, Green Building Guild, Elderly Airbag System

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy birthday to Elie Wiesel.

On the Beacon this morning, U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., explains why he voted against the $700 billion bailout legislation of the nation’s financial industry. A growing guild of green builders has formed in Columbia Falls and begun an office complex there. Another major cleanup effort is beginning along the stretch of Montana Highway 35 where an April 2 spill dumped 6,400 gallons of fuel into the ground. And on the Police Blotter, someone kicked in the door of the Martin City Fire Hall.

In state news, the Gov. Brian Schweitzer debated his Republican opponent Roy Brown and Libertarian Party candidate Stan Jones in Butte last night. The Missoulian writes about a Kalispell man purchasing the old steel bridge to begin a trail corridor along the Stillwater River. An Internet-based investigation led to the arrest of a Forsyth man over the weekend who authorities believe may have brought a 14-year-old girl from South Dakota after meeting her on MySpace and may have had sexual intercourse without consent. And regulators have come up with a proposed route for a high voltage electricity transmission line connecting Great Falls and Lethbridge, Alberta, known as the MATL line.

And finally, Japanese scientists have developed an airbag system for the elderly to wear all the time, so if they slip and fall, their heads and necks remain protected. It’s hard to explain, maybe you should just check out the video – and have a great day.