Palin Plans a Tina Takedown?

By Beacon Staff

During an election year, certain things become a dependable part of the political and news cycles. There are vows to run a “different” campaign, one that’s cleaner and focused on the issues. But then, as November draws closer, there are the dirty jabs. There are annoying commercials, pundits who parrot the party line and disingenuous political ploys (even here in Montana).

Honestly, with a little less than a month before the election, I’m looking forward to Nov. 5.

But there is one part of the news cycle this fall that I’ve grown to look forward to – the near-immediate parodies of the presidential candidates and their running mates. What’s better than laughing (or groaning) at posturing politicians? Laughing at exaggerated imitations of them.

In recent weeks, “Saturday Night Live” has drawn the most attention of the bunch for Tina Fey’s impressions of Sarah Palin. The show – particularly the opening sketches – has resonated with higher ratings for the NBC program and increased traffic on its Web site. On Saturday, SNL reenacted the VP debate complete with Fey, Queen Latifah and SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis.

Palin has even responded to Fey’s impressions on the campaign trial: “Yet, you know what? In response to critics after that interview what I should have told them was I was just trying to keep Tina Fey in business, just giving her more information,” Palin told a crowd last week of her interview with Katie Couric. “Job security for SNL characters.”

The comedians provide a welcome respite when the political season can start to wear on a person.

And now it’s looking like the spoofed may take a shot at the spoofer. The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that it’s looking more and more likely that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will appear on ”Saturday Night Live” – to have some fun with Tina Fey.

Here’s hoping that’s the case.