Wednesday Buffet: South Kalispell Growth, Crazy Mascots, Wolves (Again)

By Beacon Staff

Good morning. Today in 1951, the television sitcom “I Love Lucy” premiered.

On the Beacon this morning, the proposed Siderius Commons subdivision has sparked a review of the city’s growth policy that could open up the lands south of Kalispell to new types of development. And while space and utilities on the north side of town are becoming cramped, sewer and water lines are open and ready for use up to two miles south of the city. Last week more than 700 high school seniors poured into Flathead Valley Community College to learn about life – real life, with all of its opportunities, difficult decisions and, yes, bills. In Columbia Falls, it’s a busy week for The First Best Place Task Force. Myers Reece blogs about interesting mascots: The Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes sound terrifying. On a personal note, I was always thankful my high school (Billings Central) chose Lady Rams for its female team moniker, instead of the correct, but embarrassing, Ewes.

In other news around the state, the Montana Republican Party announced Tuesday that Executive Director Jake Eaton had left his position to pursue other interests. Federal wildlife officials said Tuesday that they want to remove wolves in the Northern Rockies from the endangered-species list – again – by early 2009. The first phase of a $500 million wind farm south of Ethridge and 85 miles north of Great Falls is finished and on the electrical grid, with the power bound for California. And the EPA touts the safety and success of the Milltown cleanup.

Finally, twenty years ago, Douglas Prasher was one of the driving forces behind research that earned a Nobel Prize in chemistry this week. But now, Prasher, a resident of Huntsville, Ala., works as a courtesy shuttle operator at a car dealership.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!