Looking For A Few Good Volunteers

By Beacon Staff

Terms are expiring for many City of Whitefish volunteer boards. The City is searching for volunteers to fill 11 positions on eight boards by the end of this year.

“We’d like to hear from folks,” said City Clerk Necile Lorang. In some years, Lorang sees a large response for volunteer board openings, but this year, a skimpier interest prevails so far.

Lorang is looking for volunteers to express their interest by Oct. 27. After that, applicants will each have a 5- to 10-minute interview in front of the City Council with all positions filled for the new year.

To serve on most of the boards, volunteers must be city residents, but a few are open to people who live outside the city limits. The Board of Appeals requires no residency, just volunteers with experience in building construction. The board meets infrequently, but is required by state statute to handle disputes about building and contracting law.

Three boards are open to city residents only. The Whitefish City-County Planning Board
evaluates city and county land planning issues and recommends decisions to the City Council. The Whitefish Lake and Lakeshore Protection Committee makes recommendations to the Council regarding property changes involving docks, steps, trees, and vegetation removal. The Park Board, which oversees the Park and Recreation Department’s programs and policies, has the strictest requirements: Its volunteers must be 21 years old live and have lived two years within the City and three years in Montana.

Four boards are open to residents from the City and adjacent areas. The Housing Authority, which works to provide housing for the elderly, people with special needs, and affordability, is open to residents within a 10-mile radius of the City. Three others extend residency requirements to the City’s zoning jurisdiction. Volunteers for the Board of Adjustment hear requests for variances to zoning laws. The Weed Control Advisory Committee advises City staff on noxious weeds and supports community education about weeds. The Impact Fee Advisory Committee oversees the assessment, collection, and use of impact fees.

Letters of interest should be sent to Whitefish City Clerk at 418 East 2nd St. or P.O. Box 158, WF. Call 863-2400.