Faces: Amanda Milliard

By Beacon Staff

Amanda Milliard has had a 4.0 since she was a freshman.

Maintaining a perfect grade point average takes dedication, vision and an enormous work ethic. These are the same traits that make Milliard a powerhouse on the Columbia Falls volleyball team.

“Each and every day I find challenges,” said Milliard. “And there are ups and downs. But if you work hard at something, it tends to follow through. It depends on how hard you want it.”

Milliard said the challenge for her and the Wildkats this year is to stay mentally strong and play together, which can be difficult because the team has been shuffling positions. But she said, “If we come together it’s outstanding.”

Milliard has exceptional vision on the court. Her strength is seeing the open floor and making split-second decisions when she’s attacking.

“I’m a consistent player,” she said. “I don’t make errors. I know when to do things and when not to do things.”

Scoring isn’t the only way Milliard helps her team. With a positive attitude on and off the court, hard work, hustle and by showing passion and determination, she hopes to lead her team to state this year. Describing the numerous times she has taken headers into chairs chasing the ball, she said, “I want to be an inspiration to the team.”

Milliard knows there is always room for growth, no matter what she is trying to accomplish.

“I love doing any sport I can get my hands on. But I love getting better at the ones I do.”