Land Plan Restricts Motorized Vehicles

By Beacon Staff

BUTTE – A proposed plan for Bureau of Land Management lands around Butte calls for more than 250 miles of road to be shut off to motorized use.

The BLM’s Butte resource management plan would close more than 40 percent of the roads on the agency’s 327,000 acres in the Butte district. Butte BLM District Manager Rick Hotaling says many of those routes go to the same place or are causing erosion problems.

Some Butte area motorized enthusiasts are skeptical of the plan.

Benny Finnicum is president of the Mining City Trail Riders. He says one proposal that will be unpopular with his group, and with hunters, is the call to close many game retrieval roads

Under current rules, a hunter can drive on those roads from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. solely to retrieve game.