FBIA Responds to Jopek Editorial

By Beacon Staff

Flathead Business and Industry Association has recently been the victim of “hogwash” on the part of Rep. Jopek, as a result of our recent endorsement and advocacy on behalf of pro-business candidates in the Flathead. Rep. Jopek’s statements in a recent Beacon editorial about FBIA are as insulting as they are false. On behalf of this remarkable organization, that advocates vigorously for the type of pro-business, pro-entrepreneurial environment that our economy so badly needs at this time, I would like to set the record straight.

I am the ex-Sen. Burns staffer that Rep. Jopek referred to in his editorial. Regardless of party affiliation, my top priority at FBIA is to advocate for pro-business, low-taxation policies, that promote business growth and success in the Flathead and neither I nor the FBIA allows party affiliation to dictate our positions on candidates or issues.

FBIA has questioned Rep. Jopek’s lack of support for final passage of the Jessica’s Law, SB Bill 547, which protects our children from sexual predators. Since, at FBIA, we believe that the safety and education of children are a top priority, Rep. Jopek’s unwillingness to support final passage of this bill caused us serious concern. Nonetheless, when we pointed out the inconsistencies of what Mike Jopek says and what he did regarding his Jessica’s Law vote he accused the FBIA of shadowy PAC practices.

Our PAC operates as required by law. It is interesting to note that PACs were developed in response to the election abuses of the Watergate era. They are among the most transparent, well-documented methods of making political contributions and we are proud that we participate in the political system through a PAC. As taxpayers, business employees, and owners, FBIA represents pro-business and pro-entrepreneurial policies.

Get the facts: Mike Jopek did vote against Jessica’s law SB 547, he has a 0% rating from the MT Chamber, an F rating from the NRA and an F rating from the MT Shooting Sports Association. The FBIA urges voters to be informed – look up Mike Jopek’s voting record at http://www.leg.mt.gov or http://www.votesmart.org