Schweitzer Tops Brown in Out-of-State Donations

By Beacon Staff

HELENA – A new analysis shows Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer has collected more out-of-state campaign donations than Republican challenger Roy Brown has collected from both in-state and out-of-state contributors combined.

The National Institute on Money in State Politics reports that Schweitzer has raised almost $779,000 from out-of-state donors, while Brown has taken in $722,000 from both in-state and out-of-state contributors.

The institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit group based in Helena.

It says Schweitzer has raised about $962,000, or 55 percent of his total campaign war chest, from in-state donors through Oct. 15. The $779,000 from out-of-state sources represents 45 percent.

Brown took in 95 percent of his money from in-state sources through Oct. 15, about $684,000. He collected just 5 percent of his funds, about $38,000, from out-of-state givers.