Wednesday Buffet: Election Preview, Massive Absentee Voting, Fecal Ice Cream Uproar

By Beacon Staff

Good morning; on this date in 1929 the Great Depression began! Yay!

The Beacon’s special pre-election edition hits newsstands this morning, with in-depth stories on ballot issues, the races for county commissioner, senate districts 2 and 3, and house districts 3 and 8. Flathead County road officials prepare to roll out a new dust abatement program for unpaved roads next summer, though there are likely to be some cuts to winter road maintenance. And business columnist Mark Riffey talks about fomenting a work environment that encourages creativity.

In state news, absentee voting numbers so far show record-breaking turnout around the state. Texas Congressman Ron Paul could have a big effect on the outcome of the presidential race in Montana. The race for state superintendent of public instruction has taken on some racial overtones. Despite the Democrats having a lot more cash on hand, Republicans have spent more than twice as much in the attorney general race for their candidate, Tim Fox. Attorney General Mike McGrath, candidate for chief justice of the state supreme court, is defending himself against a political action committee that says he mishandled investigations based on the analysis of a forensic hair expert later discredited. A new political group, based in California, is attacking Republican Secretary of State Brad Johnson’s reelection campaign. And ballot measure I-155, with broad backing, looks poised to pass on Election Day.

And a scandal has rocked the beachfront pubs of Australia, when tourists were served gelato with fecal matter in it after they complained other customers were being too noisy during a football match. So watch out for the Coogee Bay Hotel, south of Bondi Beach. And have a great day.