Welcome to Continental Divides

By Beacon Staff

If you’re reading this, then you’ve found your way onto the newly redesigned Beacon Web site, and our new blog political blog, Continental Divides. We hope you like the new look and feel of the Web site, and find it to be easier to navigate once it becomes more familiar. As for this blog, it is the goal of the moderators – Kellyn and I – to make this the top political blog in Montana. Like the broader news organization of the Flathead Beacon, Continental Divides will not subscribe to one particular ideology or another. We think its more interesting to entertain all ideas and viewpoints, and to report on what’s happening in the political realm of Montana and the wider West as it happens.

We intend the blog’s name, Continental Divides, to evoke the Northern Rockies region, and the ideological divides that persist here as the economy, politics and populations evolve and grow. There is much talk these days in the political dialog, particularly by candidates on the campaign trail, about focusing on consensus and the issues upon which we can all agree. We’re all for that. But with this blog launching so close to the election day, its focus, at least in its first year, is going to be less on campaign rhetoric and more on whether those officials newly installed in office can walk the walk from the talk we’ve heard over the last year of electioneering. The business of governing and policy-making, not feel-good rhetoric, is often where the “divides” among elected officials kick in. We intend to chronicle the conversation.

So if you’ve got a tip, or an idea, or a suggestion for the blog, fire away. The biggest and most important election in modern history is underway. That ought to provide some fodder for a few good blog entries.