Looking for the Unexpected Elements

By Beacon Staff

My favorite images are usually ones that seem a little strange – when one element in an ordinary situation can make a photograph just a little off. The photograph of a Power Ranger surrounded by a sea of legs I think did just that. Although standing in line for hours to register and vote isn’t necessarily a “ordinary situation”, adding a Power Ranger to the mix makes the situation feel a little more surreal and the element itself creates an interesting photo.

This past summer while waiting for the Fourth of July firework display at Whitefish Lake, I spent some time photographing the pre-firework activities. The setting sun created perfect evening light (as it does so often in Montana) and I started photographing silhouettes of some kids playing in the water. Watching one boy with a red bucket (I couldn’t help but love the contrasting red bucket with the water) play with friends, I made a few images and waited. I didn’t expect that the boy was going to put the bucket on his head.

The photo changed from a “pretty” sunset photo to one of my favorites from last summer. It’s these little things that can seem weird or strange that make pictures exciting to me. They are unexpected little details and I think they tell us more about ourselves and the situation.

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