Transform Hope Into Action

By Beacon Staff

Thanks Whitefish, you trusted me with more votes than I have ever garnered before, making us the top vote getter from the district. I will not forget my obligation to work for locals.

Good folks stood by me during the most pessimistic campaigning by special interest groups we have ever seen in our towns’ history. Thankfully, we cannot ignore local dedication, passion and commitment for our community.

Later this month and then again early next month, I head to Helena for critical meetings on the state of our budget funds and how best to permanently lower property taxes for local homeowners and small businesses during the reappraisal cycle.

Then in January, Senator-elect Zinke (R) and I will be sworn into the 61st Montana Legislature. I am proud and eager to work with our new Senator-elect. This will be my third term in Helena and my pledge to Whitefish is simple. I will continue to reach across the aisle and do right by locals, retirees, working families and small businesses: to put Montana and our people first.

Top priorities will be to lower property taxes for locals, continue improving the business and school climate, keeping Public Lands in public hands, and helping working families acquire or retain jobs and housing opportunities in the market place.

I cannot do the work alone. More than ever Whitefish needs locals to engage in civil dialog, to volunteer at the food bank, to mentor kids in school, to work at the community clinic, to visit the elderly, or be a simple stage hand at the community theater. The saviors in our society are the real everyday people taking care of our town and future.

While we are in Helena, doing the people’s work, I have but a simple request: turn the campaign passion, anger, joy and hope into action: get involved in our community. Wherever your particular passions lay, volunteer some of your precious time to make our community even greater.

We are at our best when we give our time freely. I trust and believe in our town and know that you will help guide our way forward. Because of our individual civic duty, we are a good community as our hearts are vested in Whitefish and it’s people.

Contact me anytime in Whitefish or Helena at 250-1184 or www.mikejopek.com.

-Rep. Mike Jopek represents the Whitefish area in the Montana Legislature
as a Democrat.