The Genius of Stop Making Go

By Beacon Staff

I have always been a huge fan of stop animation and I was blown away by Tony Fiandaca and Paul Cummings and their company (Free Poster Films) productions (here).

Stop animation has, in my life, been one of those things I love watching, appreciate, but never want to do. I can’t comprehend the amount of time it takes to produce an origional short. It’s really mind boggling.

For anyone who doesn’t know, stop animation is the technique of physically manipulating an object to that it appears to move on its own. The object in moved by tiny increments and photographed. When the series of frames are run at a higher speed, the objects seem to move. Popular examples are Gumby and Wallace and Gromit, among others.

That all being said – check out these guys. It seems they have been busy. Their filmography list is filled with anything from General Mills GoGurt commercials to the Gabe Dixon Band video “Till You’re Gone”. Their genius is that they not only animate objects, but they animate themselves creating a suspended belief in reality where anything becomes possible.
Put It To Use

Tony vs. Paul

Gabe Dixon Band: Till You’re Gone