Flathead Wolf Pack to be Eliminated

By Beacon Staff

The remaining members of the Hog Heaven wolf pack will be killed for preying on livestock in the Kalispell area.

The state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks authorized the USDA Wildlife Services to kill the wolves after a 2-year-old bull was killed last week near Kila.

Hog Heaven wolves are also believed responsible for killing three llamas on Aug. 6, a calf on Sept. 16, two heifers on Sept. 23, a calf of Sept. 25 and another calf on Oct. 8.

Wolf management specialist Kent Laudon says the pack has become habituated to killing livestock rather than wild game.

At least seven Hog Heaven wolves have already been killed in response to livestock depredation in the areas west and south of Kalispell. Laudon believes at least five wolves remain in the pack.