Faces: Martha Obermiller

By Beacon Staff

Martha Obermiller, 17, grew up with a lot of energy. Even before enrolling in classes at age 5, she would dance around the house to a tape of children’s songs.

“I was always flailing around like a wild woman,” she said. “My parents thought to sign me up for dance classes.”

Now, a senior at Glacier High School and dancing in the upcoming Northwest Ballet Company performance of the Nutcracker, Obermiller has big goals.

“It’s my goal in life to try lots of different things,” she said. “To do as much as I can. Living life to the fullest.”

And her life is full, splitting her time between family, church, school and dance. Her ambition is to try everything: From horseback riding, to jazz, hip hop, ballet and tap, to snowboarding – her other passion besides dance – she strives to be well rounded.

“I am continually challenging myself to be a better person in everything I do,” she said. And ballet is the ultimate challenge. “You don’t get better unless you push yourself.”

Obermiller ultimately wants a career as a U.S. ambassador, where she can take the lessons she has learned from her grandmother to an international platform.

“I want to make a difference,” she said. “I’m ready to get out and change the world.”