Voting Proceeded Smoothly…This Time

By Beacon Staff

Sorry I’ve been a bit sluggish in updating the blog over the break. Blame it on the tryptophan – that and the fact that there hasn’t been a whole lot of state and local political news over the holiday week, but with Christmas several weeks away, there is certainly time for some news to surface. Anyway, I meant to post this last week, but James Conner of FlatheadMemo.com has some lessons from the recounts in Montana’s two tightest House races, Kalispell’s HD8 and HD58. Neither recount overturned the results of the race and the state House remains at 50-50. But Conner believes that just because the election went of relatively hitch-free this year, doesn’t mean room for serious error and voter fraud doesn’t exist. Specifically, Conner calls for more safeguards against such fraud, and also notes that checking the functioning of a voting tabulator before voting begins doesn’t necessarily ensure every vote was counted accurately. Read his full post here.